Here are the top 25 fun, kid-friendly things to do in Tokyo. In terms of entertainment for the kids and relative value for money, number one on our list has to be Tokyo Disneyland. World Bazaar: a shopping arcade area where you can buy souvenirs. Tomorrowland: technology and space-themed rides like Space Mountain and Star Tours. Toontown: where you can meet your favorite Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, a favorite with young kids.

Critter Country: home of the popular Splash Mountain ride, this area is one of the best areas for younger kids Adventureland: popular attractions include Pirates of the Caribbean and a jungle cruise. Kids aged 3 and under, get in for free! There are also other ticket options depending on when or how long you want to visit the park see the website for details. Like its older brother Tokyo Disneyland, this newer theme park is also located within Tokyo Disney Resort near Maihama station.

Disney Sea was designed to appeal to an older audience than Tokyo Disneyland, namely teenagers and adults. For example, in Mermaid Lagoon kids can experience the undersea world of the Little Mermaid and meet Ariel, Sebastien, Flounder and other characters from the movie. Same admission prices as Tokyo Disneyland but tickets are sold separately for either parks, and not valid for both parks on the same day. See Tokyo Disneyland above for pricing details.

It features a number of attractions and rides including a 4D cinema, laser shooting cars and hands on activities like the build and race test. During your visit, you can also see how lego bricks are made firsthand through their factory tour. For the adventurous, Kingdom Quest is a fun thematic ride which families can enjoy.

Finally, a Legoland tour would not be complete without the kids showing off their building skills in the Duplo Village. There is a wealth of educational and fun attractions to enjoy in Legoland and a typical visit usually lasts hours but guests are welcome to stay for as long as they like. Kids 3 and over and adults are 2, yen. Kids 2 and under get in for free.

Check the Legoland website for special online prices. Kidzania is an educational and fun place for kids to experience what it is like to be an adult in a safe environment.Overwhelmed by the amount of things to do in Tokyo at night? Don't worry, we've compiled a list of 17 things to do in Tokyo at night to help ease your decision making. Bored on a Friday night in Tokyo? Like any cosmopolitan city, Tokyo has its fair share of clubs.

Check out our nightlife guide for a crazy fun night. Major artists such as Major Lazer have performed here. Address: Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo Once the sun sets, the lights go on. Enjoy the view at one of many observatories littered around the city. Photo Credit: Connie Ma via Flickr cc. Mind the smoke. Incessantly smoking salarymen go to arcades to wind down after a long day of work. Join them! Check out the 10 best Japanese arcades in the city to find out which arcade is the most suitable for you.

Photo Credit: Meredith P. A typical karaoke night in Japan involves a private booth where you and your friends sing your hearts out free of judgment. Here is our guide to maximizing your karaoke fun. Thousands of locals and foreigners scale Mount Fuji every year during the summer. Many start their climb in the afternoon to reach the summit in the early morning of the next day, perfect timing to catch the awe-inspiring sunrise.

Our comprehensive Mount Fuji guide will prepare you for this arduous challenge. Provided by Foursquare Lotte Kasai Golf. After seeing the sights in the day, get your daily exercise at night with some late-night sports.

Depending on the time of day, they either have package deals or they charge between 16 and 22 yen per ball. Address: Rinkaicho, Edogawa, Tokyo For all you baseball enthusiasts, Shinjuku Batting Center is for you.

Address: Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo Popular amongst youngsters, Round1 opens till early morning and has various sporting activities including bowling, billiards, darts and ping pong. Location: various locations. Photo Credit: Republic of Korea via Flickr cc. Catch a baseball game in the evening with the help of our Japanese sports guide. With many onsens opening till late, treat yourself to one after having spent the day exploring the city. Provided by Foursquare. Photo Credit: Takayuki Suzuki via Flickr cc.It has an incredible array of attractions and kid-friendly destinations beyond Disneyland that could easily keep a family very busy for a week or more.

Definitely worth a visit but you have to be up early if you want to see the tuna auctions — entrance is granted first come, first served starting around 5am — and now at a different location than the original Tsukiji. The best restaurants are in the outer market which is still in the original location.

things to do in tokyo at night with family

Almost every floor of the museum has kid friendly exhibits that are as much about fun as learning. Open year-round and swamped with visitors on weekends and holidays go through the week instead. Its sister park Tokyo DisneySea is geared to older kids and adults never feels quite as busy.

Disneyland gives you the typical Disney feel with lots of emphasis on Mickey, Minnie, and gang. DisneySea is unique to Tokyo and has more rides and thrills. My kids ages 8 and 11 when we visited ranked DisneySea as their favorite attraction in Japan. Reviews of Disneyland. Reviews of DisneySea. Buy tickets in advance for DisneySea and Disneyland with transportation from Tokyo included. Kids will love this well spaced and relaxing area featuring a surprisingly wide array of animals elephants, pandas and tigers being the highlights.

Gets very busy on weekends. Dress up as a fireman and play in fire trucks and helicopters. The fun and games here are worth an hour or two of amusement for ages up to 8 or 9. Free admission is another plus. Accessed directly from the Yotsuya-Sanchome station. The exhibits target a range of ages with many of the them clearly intended for adults too. Lots of kid friendly fun. Asimo the walking robot has demonstrations a few times per day. Fune-no-Kagakukan station.

Closed most Tuesdays — check website for exceptions. Particular fun are the boats and ships that you can climb aboard.From pm, hop from one to another, or stay for a couple of hours and order nomihoudai all you can drink while nibbling on typical Japanese snacks such as edamame and karaage. A guide will take you to three different hidden Japanese izakayas Japanese styled bar where you can enjoy different types of authentic food and drinks in Shinjuku.

Check Tour. You could go to The Lockup in Shibuya or Shinjuku, a prison-themed restaurant where the drinks are served in syringes and test tubes. Also dont miss Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho which provides dinner with a truly unique show; or the simply-named Vampire Cafe in Ginza.


Check Shows. Shibuya is just a short 20 minute train ride from Shinjuku, where many of the Japanese youth hang out at night.

There are plenty of late cafes to try Japanese food, shop for souvenirs or get active in a game of bowling or karaoke, however, this is the best district to enjoy a few drinks and party at nightclubs. A guide will show you where to eat and drink like a local in Shibuya.

Hop around to 3 izakaya bars, experience Japanese culture and take plenty of photos after a few drinks!

things to do in tokyo at night with family

A family friendly food tour that you can fill your belly with authentic Sushi and various kinds of Wagyu in an exciting Japanese BBQ Experience!

Check Tours. This is another lively neighbourhood in Tokyo where many young Japanese locals and tourists entertain themselves. You can also try Japanese karaoke with a local guide as if you are having party there with your old friends! We also highly recommend this tour to those visiting Japan on your own to have a fun night!

There are light sports — such as bowling, darts, billiards, and table tennis — as well as karaoke, arcade games and more. The first two shut for a couple of hours at 6am, but the latter keeps on going all day and all night.

When you leave, you can enjoy a walk in the sea breeze of Odaiba with more views of the Rainbow Bridge. Most department stores close at 8pm, some malls at 9pm at the latest, but there are still options available for an insomniac shopper besides the ever-present konbini convenience store.

At night, it does get quite crowded, but this adds to the lively atmosphere. Known as Donki to the locals for short, this shop is a crazy mishmash of everything from food to cosmetics to electronics.

The Shinjuku store is open 24 hours, making last-minute purchases at 2am and shopping sprees that last for hours entirely possible. Check Shopping Tours. For a relaxing night, take a soak in some hot springs, which are said to provide many health benefits. If you are up for a cultural experience, English-language instructions will take you through every stage of hot springs etiquette. At LaQuathree unique areas allow you to switch from riding a roller coaster to dining out to dipping in hot springs.Checkout our Tokyo nights with kids if you are looking for family friendly activities in Tokyo open between — or late at night.

It is super fun just walking through Tokyo at night, but if you are looking for a night activity with your kids we have listed up some of our go to activities below. Wondering what to do for one day in Tokyo? Pick your favorite day from our Tokyo one day itineraries with kids. Read our complete itinerary on what to see and do during your stay. Pick and choose your favorites and have fun!

Tokyo Tower — open until last entry is Oedo Onsen Monogatari, Odaiba — open all night long. Oedo Onsen Monogatari Odaiba, Tokyo. Sky Tree, Sumida — open until Samurai Museum, Shinjuku — open until Disney Tokyo and Disney Sea — both open until Spa La Qua, Tokyo Dome — open all night. Night Boat Cruise and Dinner — not only for adults. If you enjoy 3D movies, the next step is MX4D movies. Chairs shaking and more. Not all movies are MX4D but you can checkout what is showing at this link.

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30 Things To Do In Japan At Night

Get up early one day to visit Tsukiji Fish Market. Wander through stalls selling all sorts of interesting sea creatures, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats of all kinds, candies, and interesting trinkets.

They were full of energy and enthusiasm, pointing out landmarks and giving tidbits of information about the city along the way. Book your Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour now. Get to know Tokyo from the back of a rickshaw Photo credit: javarman, Depositphotos. He was the first emperor of the modern era, ruling from to his death in The shrine is surrounded by the beautiful and expansive Yogoyi Park, which includes National Yogoyi Stadium where the Olympics were played.

Tokyo with Kids

If you visit on a weekend, you may get lucky and spot a wedding processional. All dressed up in a kimono in Japan Photo credit: Travel Mamas. You will likely spot Japanese visitors dressed in their finest traditional kimonos for photos at Meiji Shrine and many other Japanese monuments.

Yes, there are kimonos or yukatas, depending on the season for all ages and genders. Make it even more memorable by hiring a Flytographer travel photographer to take portraits of your family to commemorate your Tokyo vacation. Ramen and gyoza meat-filled dumplings at a ramen shop in Tokyo Photo credit: Colleen Lanin.

Not all kids or adults are excited by sushi but almost everyone loves a good bowl of ramen. Thankfully ramen shops are plentiful and affordable throughout Tokyo and the rest of Japan. See a list of ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytree at night Photo credit: Colleen Lanin. It became the tallest structure in Japan inwhen it surpassed the Tokyo Tower in height. For a fee, you can visit the Tembo Deck floor or the Tembo Galleria floor Sign up for Tokyo tours that include the Skytree. Or, check out what there is to do near Tokyo Skytreelike the Sumida Aquarium.

My group sailed with Amitatsu river boat company. It feels very festive and very Japanese indeed. If your brood is tired of Japanese cuisine, Takeshita Street is flush with creperies, for some reason.

Picky eaters are more likely to try new foods if they help cook the meal.Japan Talk. Travel Tips. Budget Hotels.

Culture Shock. Things To Try. City Views. Fall Leaves.

Things to Do in Tokyo at Night – Top 17 Nocturnal Activities

Ice Cream. Maid Cafes. Tea Ceremony. Japanese Culture. Activities in Japan. Japan Calendar. When To Visit Japan. City List.

things to do in tokyo at night with family

Small Towns. Japanese Festivals. Travel Challenges. Japanese Traditions. How Japanese People Think. Japanese Food. Japanese Manners. Things To Do. Shopping in Japan. Izakaya are Japanese style pubs that are the undisputed champion of Japanese nightlife. Evenings often start at izakaya and then progress to 2nd and 3rd parties. Izakaya range greatly in price and quality. Some are popular for their cheap drinks and oily snack foods.

Others offer fine foods, elaborate interiors and private rooms.

things to do in tokyo at night with family