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Manjaro Cinnamon 17.1.11 How to install and overview

Please don't fill out this field. Arch linux gone fun After awhile I realized that these young German men are quite clearly in it for the money. Using linux a free system for money Just plain weird. They all seem to want to monetize every aspect of your computer use through data gathering about you and your activities. So I have been looking at Linux as an alternative. I've sampled all the major LInux distros, and I've settled on Manjaro as the best for my purposes.

The updates are frequent but trouble-free to install, and the system is robust and stable. I am closer now to leaving the Windows user base and migrating all my computers to Manjaro than at any time in the past. I may have to keep a Windows PC around to support my wife, but my computing can be done on Linux using Manjaro. I am currently dual-booting to Windows 10 and Manjaro on most of my PC's and will conduct more and more of my work on Manjaro in the future.

Very good! Some issues with Notebook Hp Pavilion Dm1 br, but ok. Fast, easy-to-use, feature-rich Linux with all the benefits of rolling release and Arch features like pacman. No one who is just a plain desktop user of Linux takes to heart to read any update information. As a result of the update to use only the terminal just recently caused me reinstall my Manjaro XFCE.

I did how ever take the time to try Manjaro KDE Cons: AUR not all programs install Lightzone - photography application latest update in design under the hood - I found manjaro from YouTube of Spatry and Don't Call Me Lenny, you are out there, so as ease of use from a simple desktop user who doesn't know code or programing this is why I took off a star.

Long time Debian user both desktop and server but occasionally play around with other flavors. No muss, no fuss, no major problems or quirks, and certainly nothing that a bit of Googling could not rectify. Nice distro for anyone who wants to just sit down and do normal end user tasks and not have to think about a thing. Very pleasing. And XFCE is highly customizable so very easy to tweak. With Manjaro being based on Arch, the Arch wiki is a great resource - and better than any forum.

Have not eyeballed the forum much Just starting with this release. My favorite is with the 'rolling release' and never having to re-install. As long as the updates are kept as current as possible without bugs, this will become perhaps the standard for future Linux users.

First, Forgive me for my poor EnglishMayank Sharma tests a user-friendly Arch-based distro, ignoring the jibes of being called a pseudo Arch user by one very vocal advocate.

Based on Arch Linux, Manjaro is one of the most popular derivatives that focuses on user- friendliness. It supports a wide variety of desktops in both official and community- supported editions. Manjaro is a fully rolling release distribution that also occasionally puts out install mediums only for the bit architecturelike the one being reviewed. Manjaro has occupied the top spot on the distrowatch. While Arch is popular as a do-it-yourself distribution that enables power users to construct their installation from the ground up.

manjaro cinnamon review

Manjaro is available in three officially supported flavours, with the Xfce edition being the flagship offering. The latest release sports a new theme named Adapta- Maia along with some other minor visual changes across the system to enhance the user experience.

All editions use a customised Calamares installer, which in addition to the cosmetic differences, also enables you to encrypt the partition in which you plan to install the distribution.

Besides the three official editions, the project also hosts a slew of community-supported editions based around different desktop environments including Budge. The boot menu of the Live environment gives you the option to boot the distribution using either the open source drivers for your graphics card or the proprietary ones.

Manjaro 18.0 Released – What’s New in Manjaro Illyria?

Later on. The Xfce edition of Manjaro 18 bundles the latest version of the desktop 4. The lightweight desktop follows the conventional desktop metaphor and will suit a large number of users.

However, despite the enhancements the desktop experience can still benefit from a tuneup. Many entries in the Whisker menu as well as on the desktop have incomplete names, which look like an eyesore.

Manjaro dropped support for bit installation media last year, but you can use manjaro One of the new features of this release is Display- Profiles that enables users to save different settings for all the plugged-in monitors. It might not sound like much, but it saves a lot of configuration hassles for users with multi-monitor setups who regularly plug in different external displays, like for instance road warriors shuttling their laptop between the monitors in their home and office.

New to this release is the addition of the Applications button that displays an extensive list of popular programs across various categories that you can use to flesh out your installation. That said, unless you have some particular requirements, you can safely skip over installing any additional applications since Manjaro 18 ships with a full complement of programs and can be used straight out of the box.

One interesting tool that caught our attention was Microsoft Office. Spliced in the Office menu are links to Microsoft Office Online that runs as a native program besides the other Linux applications thanks to the JAK wrapper. The mainstream programs are well complemented by the handy utilities from the Xfce stable. The latest version of the package manager.

Pamac v7. It uses the popular pacman frontend, Octopi. And yes. In addition, while Manjaro is based on Arch, the distribution has its own software repositories that deliver stable software.Well, here you go.

Manjaro Linux 18.0 Review

I'm not using the Cinnamon edition, so i have to ask its developers that is, Oberonor anyone that is using it:. Not sure about that. While Cinnamon system-monitor does indeed show 1. Here's the list of processes sorted by RAM usage in the system-monitor.

Even when you add those up it's a lot less than a gig. So I don't really know where this number comes from In any case, if you have any suggestions which processes we can try to avoid, do let me know! The default is Cantarell which is a very common standard font.

I'm hearing complaints like this for the first time. Take it easy oberon cinnamon is a finely tuned and polished piece of work. Hats off to you! Right then. Whatever font color or anti-aliasing or who knows what wasn't tweaked for perfection, plus the theme choice, made the usage extremely difficult.

Yes, there are many other aspects to desktop usage, but this is cardinal.


If you can't look at it for more than 10 minutesthere's really no point. I mean, if you believe me. Therefore my question. I mean, i just can't believe it. Cantarell, you said? I'm sorry. Anyway, or "all in all", all his objections could be narrowed to the one that is partly justified, which is that relatively high RAM consumption.

Which is, frankly, a surprise for me. The last time i used Cinnamon, in September of last yeari managed to reduce the RAM usage to about mb. But all what I did, in essence, was to change the default theme- instead of Adapta theme I used Mint themes. Well, this i just can't believe it! I totally missed that you were quoting all this, sorry! I know, i know. It's ok. You're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know Well, indeed, I did a recheck just now, in my case it is 1.You seem to have CSS turned off.

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Manjaro (18.0) Cinnamon

X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.Manjaro is an Arch Linux-based Operating System developed in Austria, Germany, and France with a focus on providing a beautiful user-friendly OS with the full power of Arch Linux to beginner computer users and experts at the same time. If you are not already familiar with Manjaro Linux then the developers have recently given more reasons for you to by dropping its latest release, Manjaro This update brings both major and minor updates to the OS and makes its overall experience more pleasant.

Together with the overall improvements in the DE, XFCE does an excellent job of maintaining a beautiful eye-candy minimalist appearance and responsiveness when interacting with the system. Manjaro has other versions including the KDE edition which ships with Plasma 5. Its 8 kernel series ranging from 3. Manjaro ships with a new theme called Adapta-Maia.

Does Adapta sound familiar? If you interested, you can see the complete list of improvements in the latest release here. Download Manjaro What is your take on the latest Manjaro release? Which improvements do you hope to see next?

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manjaro cinnamon review

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manjaro cinnamon review

Written by Martins D. Manjaro Sharing is Caring Your Unwavering Support Matters a Lot: The cost of maintenance is skyrocketing as more readers are coming on board and the ad service that we employ in order to generate revenue is unfortunately no longer sufficient and this is especially due to the increased use of ad-blockers.Manjaro Linux Cinnamon Community Edition is an open source operating system based on the powerful and flexible Arch Linux distribution and built around the Cinnamon desktop environment.

From the boot menu, the user will be able to start the live environment with default boot options or with non-free drivers, boot an existing operating system from the first disk drive, view detailed hardware information, as well as to perform a memory test. As you might know, Cinnamon is a modern desktop environment for Linux distributions, developed and distributed by the team behind the famous Linux Mint operating system.

In this distro, it is comprised of a bottom panel from where users can easily and quickly find and launch applications, as well as to interact with them. No surprises here, as the distribution includes a standard set of open source applications, pretty much the same as on other Manjaro editions. Summing up, the Cinnamon flavor of Manjaro is here to give users a stable, reliable, modern and fast operating system.

Keep in mind that just like Arch Linux, Manjaro is a rolling release, which means that users don't need to download a new ISO image to upgrade the system each time a new release is announced. Manjaro Linux Cinnamon Community Edition. Review Free Download changelog report malware.

A community edition on the Manjaro Linux distro with the Cinnamon desktop environment. Manjaro Linux Cinnamon Community Edition Load comments. All rights reserved.New release of Manjaro Cinnamon Installation and Overview. Manjaro Linux is a fast, user-friendly, desktop-oriented operating system based on Arch Linux. Key features include intuitive installation process, automatic hardware detection, stable rolling-release model, ability to install multiple kernels, special Bash scripts for managing graphics drivers and extensive desktop configurability.

Manjaro Linux offers Xfce as the core desktop options, as well as a minimalist Net edition for more advanced users. Users also benefit from the supportive and vibrant Manjaro community forum. Commenti disabilitati su Manjaro Cinnamon Pubblicato in Tutorial Manjaro.

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manjaro cinnamon review

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